Club nights

Club Nights

Club Nights are likely to be held only during the summer months. This is a change from the pre-Covid format and you will be notified of the dates, times (though usually starting from 7-7 30pm) and venues, (usually a local pub) in due course. Should you wish to buy snacks or to eat a meal during the evening, we will ensure that the chosen venues serve food.

To find out more, phone Jan on 07856 076001 or Gordon on 07889 630150 for a chat about Affinité. They will probably arrange to meet up with you over a tea or coffee, in order to tell you more about the club and you will be made to feel most welcome.

There are quarterly, seasonal updates to the website in the Members’ Magazine ‘Connections’.

Contact Gordon on 07889 630150 or Jan on 07856076001.
Or email

Affinité - friendship club for the over 55s. One of the many venues we use for Club Nights

I’ve been a member of Affinité for several years and made many interesting and fun friends. The weekend events are varied – no more Saturday night Cinderella – and Club Nights are an excellent way to break up an otherwise dull week.